Texomans remember President George H.W. Bush

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Though the president may seem like a far-away figure, over the years, Americans have been able to gain more access to what a president says and does day to day, by way of more television news coverage and of course through the internet and social media. Texomashomepage spoke with some Texomans who shared their thoughts and memories of the late president.

“He was one of our favorite presidents,” said Wichita Falls resident David Gately. Gately and his wife Cathy said they’re saddened by President Bush’s death. “He had been so tough and gone through so much in his life, I thought he might live several more years,” Cathy Gately said.

“He pulled the world together,” said Steven Hinshaw, shopping with his wife Rosa. They believe President Bush was one of the greatest presidents for several reasons: one of those being what often times is difficult to do for any president. “I think if he did anything, he could speak to both sides of the aisle,” Hinshaw said.

Wichita County Republican Party Chair Annette Barfield said she remembers voting for President Bush. She’s glad she did and says the Persian Gulf War is one of the reasons why.

“It was kind of a scary time; but, I felt proud of what we had done and proud of President Bush for the decisions that he made and it was a pretty significant time,” said Barfield.

U.S. Army veteran Brianne Ackerson was too young to vote for the 41st president. She learned about the president’s contributions in the history books. 

“I feel like it wasn’t all just politics for him,” Ackerson said. Not only for the president, Ackerson added, but also for his late wife Barbara. “It’s sad that someone with such a golden heart like that couple has finally had to hit their limit,” said Ackerson, holding back tears.

While President Bush may be gone, he leaves behind a great example. “If anyone sees themselves wanting to become a candidate or become a president, that that should be the standard. That’s who they should try to be like and emulate,” Ackerson pointed out.

For more information on President Bush’s funeral services, stay with Texomashomepage and KFDX 3 News on air.

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