Texomans take part in 31st annual National Life Chain

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The discussion and debate between pro-life and pro-choice advocates continued Sunday as the National Life Chain anti-abortion rally had supporters in Wichita Falls joining the movement.

More than 50 people lined up at the intersection of Kemp Boulevard and Midwestern Parkway and Call Field Road for this year’s event. Among those taking part was Hainds Laird. A former business owner and church pastor in Lawton, Oklahoma,  Laird is now retired and living in Wichita Falls. He said while his working days are over, he continues to live out his faith.

“I just think it’s important for people to know that there’s a group or normal people who really oppose abortion, that are not fanatics, that aren’t crazy’s. They’re people, men and women, more women than men it seems like, that would oppose abortion,” said Laird.

Laird said he’s aware that there are those who disagree with what he and so many others were doing Sunday and that it might seem pointless, but he pointed out he’s seen the effect demonstrations like this can have.

“I remember once when I announced it at our church in Lawton, a lady just spontaneously stood up and said ‘ I saw it last year and chose not to have an abortion,” Laird stated.

The National Life Chain has grown in size in scope since its beginning more than three decades ago.

In 2017, more than 1550 cities and towns put on life chains.

Brenda Grayson, one of the organizers for the Wichita Falls Life Chain said she sends out about 200 letters to area churches asking people to participate. She emphasized that this was not a protest.

“No. We’re praying. We’re praying. How’s that protesting?” Grayson asked.

In fact, signs are given to participants, with no images, instead just a few words stating their beliefs.
And Grayson said though this Life Chain may not change a lot of minds, one change of heart is worth it.

“When you change one person’s heart, it’s a domino effect. And so, I believe that someday, we won’t have to change the law. People won’t want an abortion,” Grayson said.

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