Texting and Driving Blamed for Deadly Bus Crash that Killed 13

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The report is out and authorities believe texting and driving caused the San Antonio church bus crash that killed 13 people. Josh Skurnik has more from a man who called the sheriff’s office before the crash.

This is video of the white dodge pickup before the crash.

You can see there are near misses as the driver swerves side to side on u-s 83.

Jody kuchler called reall county sheriff’s dispatch and his girlfriend took the video.

Jody kuchler, called sheriff’s dispatch
“both of our concern was him hitting somebody head on but i was more worried about him hitting kids.”

Tailing the truck for a half hour he never imagined it would be a bus full of senior citizens returning from a church retreat.

Jody kuchler, called sheriff’s dispatch
“the man in the front seat, passenger side, he just kinda cut his eyes and looked at me when i was walking up and then he looked back down towards the floorboard and he died. And i wish i hadn’t of seen it.”

He then spoke to the man behind the wheel of the white pickup who police say is 20-year-old jack young.

Kuchler says the young man told him he was texting and driving.

Jody kuchler, called sheriff’s dispatch
“my mind kind of went blank. I didn’t know what to think. I mean you can’t be texting and driving all over the road for that long. I mean you jsut costs 13 people’s lives. You’re talking about grandmothers, grandfathers, there was a husband and wife on that same bus together and somebody told me at one point in their life they made the comment they when they they died they wanted to die together. They got their wish on that one.”

Kuchler says young apologized saying quote, “i’m sorry, i was texting on my phone.”
Federal investigators say they are looking into several possible contributing factors.
They also want to determine why the death toll was so high.

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