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As Thanksgiving nears many non-profits are making sure nobody goes hungry for the holiday weekend and that includes “Meals on Wheels”. 

Monday, The Kitchen delivered Thanksgiving meals and Tuesday all the weekend extras were delivered since there will not be any deliveries on Thursday and Friday.

For eight years now Jane Taylor has been a recipient of “Meals on Wheels”, food delivered to her and many others’ doorsteps by dedicated volunteers.

“They gotta eat and somebody gotta deliver it to them so that’s why we do it,” Nathan Adams said.

And as the holiday weekend approaches, folks like Jane are being stocked up for the season.

Meals on Wheels has provided two Thanksgiving meals each, from turkey to apple pies, now to ensure their clients have enough to serve them through the weekend, they are getting an extra plate.

“Well they’re a great help to you and it’s good healthy food,” Jane said.

For this to be possible, hundreds of volunteers are needed.

For 16 years the Adams have been visiting with folks and delivering what could be the only meal they eat, something they enjoy doing.

“It makes you feel good to help other people,” Nathan Adams said.

“I told my son, he said mom, Y’all gonna wear out your new car. I said someday I gotta have Meals on Wheels,” Louise Adams said.

And through this dedication, many of our disabled and or homebound seniors are not left out.

“I can’t see to cook or do anything for myself,” Taylor said. “Meals on Wheels have really come in a great help.”

And its reactions like those that keep The Kitchen and their volunteers going.

“Everyday you get to wake up knowing that you get to feed the hungry in the community.” Director of Marketing, Pam Hughes said.

None of this would be possible without the help of the community members, and now, these clients will indeed have a happy Thanksgiving.

Hughes said 100% of the meals that were provided for Thanksgiving were donated.

Also, in addition to the regular Monday meals, a total of 1600 Thanksgiving meals were delivered. That also does not include Tuesday’s meals.

And for more details or to sign up for Meals on Wheels, call this number: 940-322-6232

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