YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A book about women’s reproductive health has been called into question on whether it should be allowed into public libraries.

Dr. Allison K. Rodgers, a double board-certified OBGYN and reproductive endocrinologist, published a book titled “We Need to Talk about Vaginas: An Important Book about Vulvas, Periods, Puberty and Sex.” Dr. Rodgers states the book is an up-to-date guide to women’s puberty. She believes there is a gap in knowledge on educating children with health, and her book looks to bridge that gap.

“This book isn’t all about sex,” Dr. Rodgers said. “This book is about how to clean, how to take care of yourself during your period, what’s normal and what’s not,” Dr. Rodgers said. “In terms of periods, people get worried about vaginal discharge, which is like a physiologic way, your vagina is clean themselves, and this is a normal thing.”

The book contains illustrated images to assist in the instruction of proper female hygiene.

At the meeting, several men within the crowd voiced the book should not be on the shelves in the library due to the progressive nature of the topics discussed.

Bryan Bivens and one other voter deemed the book unfit for the public library and should be removed. However, Stefani Schultz and the rest of the board voiced that the book should stay in the library as it is educational but have some restrictions on who can check it out.

“Although I don’t agree with everything that’s in the book as a human, I do think that it goes against most of your beliefs, but we still have to remember that this is a public library,” library board member Stefani Schultz said. “It really is our responsibility as a public library to make sure that we have curriculum materials for all people of Graham.”

At the end of the meeting, the book was deemed allowed to remain in the library, but children need parent’s permission to check it out.

To check out the book, click here.