WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Just in time for Halloween, we’ve gathered a list of the most haunted places in Wichita Falls according to hauntedplaces.org.

If visited, these supernatural locations are sure to give you a spine-chilling feeling, and if they don’t, the stories about them will.

  • Dr. White’s Sanitorium – Old Insane Asylum: This old art-deco building was once said to have been an insane asylum. People have reported spooky occurrences such as the sound of footsteps and water dripping in the basement, although water has been turned off from the building for many years.
  • “Little Sister” Statue – Riverside Cemetary: The statue of Flora Kemp, engraved with “Little Sister” can be also referred to as the “Crying Bride”, which is what the locals call it. On her wedding day at the Kell House, Flora tripped and fell down the stairs to her death. The statue is said to shed tears, hence the nickname ‘”Crying Bride”.
  • North Texas State Hospital: Two of the buildings on hospital property are said to be haunted. The old Administration Building, which was formerly a place for mentally unstable patients, has had occurrences where the lights will go off by themselves. In addition, witnesses have heard moans and the rattling of chains. Could those be the noises from previous patients? The “M” Building is said to have the figure of a nurse appear. Witnesses have experienced cold spots in areas, footsteps in the hallways, doors that open and close themselves, and the most chilling of them all: the feeling of a hand upon your shoulder when no one appears to be there.
  • Pinky’s Cave: A teenager by the name of Robert Pinkman claimed the tunnel for him and his friends, hence the name Pinky’s Cave. This 3-mile cave was a concrete draining ditch and a popular spot for neighborhood kids to hang out. As the years passed people began telling ghost stories there, a popular one was about a mother and her baby who died in the cave. The cave is said to no longer be a safe place.
  • Lake Wichita: According to a local legend, there was once a man who went by the name of Drunk Tom. Tom decided to go for a walk along Lake Wichita after a night of drinking and fell in and drowned. It’s said that if you go to the spot where it happened, you will hear the sound of a whiskey bottle break and can see a vision of Tom, which disappears if you look directly at him.
  • Witches Gate: Many different stories have circulated around this burned-down mansion. Some say the family who lived there was involved in witchcraft and that you can see the ghost of the two brothers among the old ruins. Another story says a wealthy family met their end after their father passed away. The mother went crazy and burned the house down. Others say that robbers broke into the family’s house and that one of the sons trapped the robbers, set the house on fire killing everyone inside, including himself.
  • Goat Man of Wellington Lake: There are rumors of a half-goat and half-man creature, that lives under the bridge of Wellington Lake. It’s said that if you go late at night you can see his eyes peeking out over the top of the bridge.
  • Hammon and Hatton Intersection: Local stories say a couple came out to this location to park, to do what most couples do when parked somewhere late at night. A man dressed in all black approached the parked vehicle and knocked on the window. The couple opened the window and the man killed the couple immediately. The only item left from the incident was a hook covered in blood hanging on a nearby railing. At night, it’s rumored you can see the now ghost couple standing next to that very rail.