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He’s known as ‘the man in the red bandana’ and now there’s a new documentary film about his last minutes alive saving the lives of several people on 9/11.

Laura Ingle has the story. When creator Matthew Weiss heard the story of Welles Crowther he knew he had to make a film about it.

He’s a lawyer and he’d never made a movie before but he felt it was his calling to do so.
It’s taken more than six years but now “man in red bandana”, narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow, is open across the country.

“This story gripped me so that I said everyone needs to hear it and I’m gonna figure out a way to make this film,” said Weiss 

Welles Crowther was working in the south tower of the world trade center on September 11th when they were struck by planes.
He was above where the plane struck his building and managed to save at least ten people using skills he’d learned from being a volunteer firefighter.

“When you hear what Welles did on that day you can’t help but be inspired and uplifted. He put out fires, he extricated people that were trapped. He actually carried a woman down his shoulders on 17 flights of steps.”

The people who he saved recount that day and ‘the man in the red bandana’ saving them.
They also fill in the final moments that Alison Crowther’s son was alive.

Crowther says “I was very moved. There are parts of it that of course, that is very hard to see but it’s what the story was and so I was really so happy and pleased that the film came out as it did.”

Knowing Welles died doing what he loved – being a firefighter – has helped Alison cope with the loss of her son.
The film explains how Welles’ legacy continues to live on to this day.

Crowther says “This is a story about supreme humanity and courage but also love that he would not think a bit about himself and just want to be out there saving as many people as possible.” 

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