WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Three people were arrested at a Wichita Falls motel after police discover I.D. cards or documents in their room belonging to dozens of people.

Traveon Teague, Cynthia Moreno, also known as Cynthia Holloway, and Leila Ann Holloway are charged with fraudulent use and possession of identifying information.

Teague has additional charges of failure to identify as a fugitive and possession of a controlled substance.

Police were called to the motel Sunday evening, July 31, on a report of a woman screaming.

Officers said when they entered the room, the woman, Leila Holloway was standing between the beds acting erratic and yelling, asking why they were there, and that “he didn’t do anything!”

They had her sit down on a bed, and said she looked down at a stack of credit cards on the bed and tried to cover them up with the sheet. Officers said there was also a black pocket knife next to the cards and that they picked it and the cards up.

Other officers entered the bathroom and found a female sitting on the toilet and a black male hiding behind the shower curtain.

According to the arrest affidavit, Teague was holding a large stack of credit cards and as he was being detained, he began dropping the cards and telling one of the women to pick them up.

In all, police financial crimes officers say I.D. information belonging to 44 different people was confiscated.

Police said Teague refused to give them his name and he was identified and had a warrant for probation violation.