THROCKMORTON (KFDX/KJTL) — Throckmorton County sheriff resigns, blames lack of help.
Doc Wigington, resigned unexpectedly Thursday blaming a lack of help with law enforcement. According to a social media post, he said that for 8 months, he has been without a full-time deputy and only a couple of part-time deputies and that the trooper and game warden are being deployed to the border and Austin.

Wigington said in many cases, he has had to respond to dangerous or potentially dangerous calls alone while covering 920- square miles.

Wigington said after much prayer for months he and his wife have decided to no longer put his safety and health in the background. Throckmorton County Judge Caleb Hodges said that as county leaders determine the steps ahead, no area of Throckmorton County will go unprotected by law enforcement.