Would you consider living in a home only 25 feet long and 12 feet wide with under 600 square feet of living space? That’s about the size of a master bedroom in many homes which is plenty for many people, even those with families.

A tiny home builder over in Forestburg is working hard to meet the new demand for smaller homes.

Chad Hudspeth Tiny Home Builder and Lonestar Tiny Homes owner said his homes bring something different to future home buyers.

“We actually build on skids so our houses are 12 to 16 feet wide and anywhere from 24 to 40 feet long, so it’s actually a much larger space,” Hudspeth said. “For someone whos going to live there long term it’s just easier to live in a space like that.”

According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, more than half of America would consider living in a home under 600 square feet. 

Locally, the demand for a small living is growing year by year and Hudspeth said they’re better on the pocketbook. 

“Tiny homes have a huge advantage because their electric bill is going to be much smaller, it’s a smaller footprint and you really grow to your environment,” Hudspeth said. “You’re limited on your spending and it also forces you to spend a lot more time outside.”

Small living can help save big on the bank account, and with the uniqueness of the larger tiny home could help make your life a little more relaxing.

“The idea of a tiny house is intriguing to people but when you actually get in one they’re pretty small,” Hudspeth said. “A typical tiny home on a trailer is going to be tough living there long term and that’s why we kinda why we went in our direction with  a little bit bigger house, a little more comfortable.”

If you re looking to find a new house while saving a few coins just think go big or go tiny home.