WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — From worshiping in a barn to a building that’s been standing since 1954, Trinity Presbyterian Church has been home to David Jernigan for 68 years.

“One of the stories they use to tell was that they were sweeping the barn one time to get ready for service and somebody called the fire department for all the dirt that was coming out of the door,” Jernigan said. “When I first started worshipping here, we worshipped in this building in folding chairs, and we kind of had a portable, well it wasn’t really portable, it was a small building just outside the backdoor which was four rooms for Sunday school, choir practice and things like that.”

But now Jernigan will say goodbye when the church will close its doors.

The church held its last Easter service and he said it’s a hard pill to swallow.

“It’s emotional this week and next week will be emotional. I guess there will be like a grieving process. And, it’s going to be sad to leave it behind,” Jernigan said.

He said the church is a big influence on his life, helping him be who he is today.

“It helped me form my values, the way I conduct myself, the way I treat other people with respect because God treated us that way. I learned all of that growing up in this church,” Jernigan said.

While Jernigan said it won’t be the same, the church closing won’t stop him from attending Sunday service.

“It’s a sadness that’s a big part of my life is going to be left behind. So we will continue to worship somewhere. I don’t know where yet,” Jernigan said.

The church will have its last service next Sunday at 3 p.m. The church property will go back to the Presbytery, the church’s governing body. Jernigan hopes the building will still be used as a church.