WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A Colorado man and a Burkburnett woman are arrested after deputies looking for trailer thieves say they found the suspects hiding in a drainage ditch, covered with mud and grass.

Wichita County jail booking

On Tuesday evening, a man on FM 171 said he had tracked down his neighbor’s stolen trailer valued at $8,000 and that the two thieves, a man with tattoos covering his face, arms, and neck, and a short woman had run away through a pasture toward old Friberg Road.

A deputy said he located the suspects, Anthony McCleskey and Ashley Sanberg hiding in a drainage ditch, both covered in mud and grass.

Deputies say they found McCleskey’s credit cards inside a van the trailer was attached to.

McCleskey has seven previous charges filed for theft or burglary.