BURKBURNETT (KFDX/KJTL) — Two Burkburnett families are going through the unthinkable after an alleged accidental shooting left one young man dead and the other behind bars.

For the families of Quenten Liford and Matthew Tenney, one tragic night has changed life for their families forever.

“Adam had brought a new gun that day and they were just looking at it. Matthew was told it was unloaded,” Shannon Tenney, mother of Matthew Tenney said.

“Matthew had the gun and he didn’t know that it was loaded, someone had told him it was unloaded so he was waving the gun and he pointed it at my brother and pulled the trigger, and from what I heard they tried everything,” Rylie Whitelaw, sister of Quenten Liford said.

Matthew Tenney was arrested for manslaughter after the alleged accidental shooting that resulted in the death of his friend Quenten, an unfortunate situation that has left both families picking up the pieces.

“My mom was a mess obviously, my stepdad was extremely angry and neither one of them wanted to believe it. We were all very sad, we were all very mad, the pain hasn’t gone away I mean Christmas was awful, my family could barely celebrate,” Rylie Whitelaw said.

“I screamed and screamed. I think I stood in the tub out the tub that bathroom this bathroom, I don’t remember any day, I can’t tell you from the second I’ve heard what I’ve done. I have panic attacks every single night,” Tenney said.

The sister of Quenten said she wants her brother to be remembered as the good person he was.

“He was a very good person, I mean he made his mistakes but he loved his family, he stood up for his family, I mean it didn’t matter what he had to do especially his sister,” Whitelaw said.

The mother of Matthew said she just wants her son to be given a second chance.

“If you knew Matt he’s just sweet, he loves animals, I swear all of his animals talk to him. You walk in and he’s having conversations with him, Matthew the marines wanted him, he wanted to go to the Marines,” Tenney said.

But the families said what has happened has truly been devastating

“You know we bought the aerosol rifles and the bb guns and the ones I regret now and it wasn’t intentional like these boys this is what they bonded over their guns,” Tenney said.

“My family and me, we don’t mean any hate towards Matthew or his mother. Our family doesn’t have it in us to hate people, we are a family of very big hearts and we know it was an accident. We know he didn’t mean to it was one of Quenten’s best friends,” Whitelaw said.

They both say that there’s a lesson here when it comes to gun safety.

“Make sure that another child, three other boys don’t hang out together and do the same thing y’all did, let’s not let it be in vain,” said Tenney

“Everybody needs to be safe about guns like never point a gun at anybody never pull the trigger, never wave around a loaded gun never play with guns period unless you buy it, it’s legal and you don’t mess with,” Whitelaw said.

The families say prayers from the community are greatly appreciated