BURKBURNETT (KFDXKJTL) — Starting a new school can be scary for most students, and that can be worse for the kiddos in military families who may have to move several times a year.

That is where the Burkburnett Student 2 Student program comes in. The program ensures that when a new student comes through the doors of Burkburnett High School they will be comfortable knowing that the student in this program have their back, and the program has led to two students meeting a very big public figure.

Starting at a new high school can be daunting, something that John Porterfield and Sydney Mulhare know well, Porterfield moved to Burkburnett when the pandemic was gaining momentum.

“You had to move in 2020 and that’s like the worst year and so I didn’t have the greatest experience with that so I wanted to make sure that everybody who is ripped away from there for whatever reason I just want to be able to accept them and to be able to be friends with them,” Porterfield.

Something that Porterfield has seen positive results from with one student in particular.

“I did sit and eat lunch with him and I just saw him go from a mindset of well what even is high school so I’m going to make the most out of this because I know there’s so many cool people to meet and so many cool opportunities like we met the first lady, that is crazy,” Porterfield said. Yeah, you heard him right, because of their passion and love for helping others, out of the entire nation, Porterfiled and Mulhare were two of nine students selected to meet with the first lady Jill Biden.

“She’s really involved with MCEC and she always has been even before being in the spotlight and I thought it was really cool to meet someone that’s really compassionate and has a lot of passion about what they do in helping others,” Mulhare said.

And for students thinking of joining the S2S program?

“Not every school has the same programs like extracurriculars and we’re here to help show them that Burk has a lot to offer for them and try to help them find something that they’ll have fun in and be excited for,” Mulhare said.

Making the transition to a new school, fun, exciting, comfortable, and most importantly, friendly.

All Burkburnett campuses received the Purple Star Designation for all of the students and faculty’s hard work.

According to a statement from Superintendent Dr. Owen, “On top of a great evening, we were named Texoma’s Best Public School for 2022!! AND we received notification yesterday from TEA that all six of our campuses received the Purple Star Designation for our support of Military-Connected families. Thank you, Nicketta Osborn, and all of our S2S students for taking the lead on that.”