WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman and man are charged with using baseball bats or wooden clubs to severely beat a woman because of an alleged unpaid debt.

According to records, Jayden Henry, 19, and Clyde Jones Jr., 40, are charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.

Jayden Henry

It is the fourth time Henry has been arrested on assault charges in the past year. Two of the alleged assaults involved fellow jail inmates.

Police said on Saturday night the victim called 911 and said she was hiding upstairs in the home in the 1200 block of Monroe and the people who had assaulted her were still in the house.

When the first officers arrived, they said Henry was in an SUV parked in front of the home. They found the victim hiding in a small upstairs room in the house.

She told them that Henry and another suspect had accused her of stealing and had come to collect money.

Clyde Jones

She said Henry had a club or bat with tape on it and raised it over her head with two hands and swung it down to hit the victim’s head. She said she tried to grab the club but Henry bit her hand and the victim lost her grip on the club.

While this struggle was going on, the victim said the second suspect, identified by police as Jones, began to strike her on her head with a bat and then a third suspect yelled out for Jones to stop hitting her because it was supposed to be a fair fight.

The victim said Henry hit her a second time in the head, and she collapsed to the floor, and that Henry then began to kick her in the face.

Police said the victim had a large amount of swelling on her forehead and multiple cuts on top of her head with a large amount of blood, and a bite wound to he left hand.

They said they found a club on the couch about the size of a baseball bat with black tape on one end and white tape on the other.

While in jail last April, Henry was charged with assault of another jail inmate. That charge was later dismissed when she was convicted on another assault charge.

That assault was for stabbing a man in Iowa Park last December. When police stopped her walking from the scene they said she handed them the knife used in the assault, then pulled out two more knives she was also carrying.

In September, Henry was charged with assault of another jail inmate in the shower.