A year long investigation after a routine traffic stop on Highway 287 leads to the arrest of two people authorities say are part of a prostitution ring.

They say they are conducting illegal activity in Wichita Falls, Vernon, and other areas.

Robert Collins the second and Latasha McCoy are each charged with multiple felonies related to prostitution.

An arrest affidavit states on March 25, 2014, DPS Troopers stopped a vehicle driven by Collins.

McCoy was the passenger.

The trooper says he searched the vehicle and found maps, hotel book coupons, and other items that led him to believe the two were part of a prostitution ring.

DPS and the Department of Homeland Security launched an investigation, and say both Collins and McCoy were advertising commercial sex acts on various websites.

Investigators believe others are involved as well.

McCoy is jailed on $200,000 and Collins’ bond is set at $1 million.