Two More Suspects Arrested in K2 Sting

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UPDATE:  On August 7, 2017, defendant Gandhi Teki Abhishek was cleared of any charges related to this arrest.  An order granting expunction was granted in 78th district court.
The number of arrests in the K2 sting in Wichita Falls has risen to at least 11 with two more suspects now charged.

The latest to be charged with manufacture or delivery of a synthetic cannabinoid are 22-year-old Vikas Sriram and 23-year-old Gandhi Teki Abhishek. Sriram’s charge is enhanced because the alleged sale was within 1,000 feet of a school, the Denver Alternative Center on 5th Street.

A county deputy said in the affidavit, on July 16th he went to the Shop-and-Go on 5th Street and bought a package labeled “7H Kush” for $35 and that the substance later field tested positive for synthetic cannabinoid. Funds for the purchases were from an account in the district attorney’s office.

Abhishek was arrested at the Zoom-in #2 on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The same deputy says he went to the store on July 14th after making a previous purchase.

He says he asked the man for a package of “Crazy Monkey” which later tested positive for cannabinoids. The warrants were issued after an investigation by the district attorney’s drug enforcement division into sales of synthetic marijuana — also known as K2. Officers say they have the transactions recorded on audio and video.

The 11 arrests so far come from investigations at 5 convenience stores, and also the High Flyer specialty store on 10th. All the other suspects have bonded out of jail.

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