WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—There’s a camp that could have your children singing a different tune this summer. The University United Methodist church in Wichita Falls is hosting its Summer Music Camp next week, which will be music to many parents ears.

“I think music is integral to worship and if done right, it’s uplifting,” University United Methodist Music Director Rachel Kapelski said.

“I can’t imagine a time where music just like wasn’t present,” Summer Music Camp teacher Alexander Bell said.

Music, its a big part of our lives, and its deeply rooted in the church, especially at UMC.

“I’m the music director here at University United Methodist and every year we put on a summer music camp for the kids,” Kapelski said.

Rachel Kapelski says music is her passion, a passion, she gets to ignite in even the smallest of humans at the summer music camp

“We have choir, and we have chimes, so they learn some music on chimes, bible stories to where we teach them about Jesus and his love for them and I will also give a harp presentation and show them about the harp and we will also have bagpipes,” she said.

The camp runs from June 5th through the 7th, its completely free and it introduces school age children to the various instruments, and ways worship music is made. The camp has proven successful over the year’s, leaving a lasting impact on children like Alexander.

“Music camp was when I first came to this church and its what made me want to go to this church so much so that I begged my mom,” he said.

He’ll be helping lead the camp this year, hoping the rhythm and flow, continues to touch lives

“I’m not exactly popular and being at music camp its like being with other people who like music and I’m just not the odd one out anymore and its nice,” Alexander said.

They say they’d love if you could volunteer at future camps, or even come watch them sing.

“On Sunday morning June 11th they’ll do a presentation of what they’ve learned play the chimes sing their songs, that would be wonderful our services start at 10:30 a.n. right here in the sanctuary,” Kapelski said.

You have until Noon, June 2nd, to get your child signed up for the camp. The link to do so is here. The camp is free, and is open to children in Kindergarten through Sixth grade. It t runs from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 pm each day and refreshments will be served. After music camp, they’ll turn their focus to Vacation Bible School in July.