WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Police say a man tries to evade arrest by fleeing on his bike on a bike path, but when he went off-road down a hill, he lost control and ended up riding his bike into the creek.

Officers say Brandon Bales was found a short time after going into the drink hiding in some trees near Holliday Creek.

He was charged with evading arrest and officers also discovered he had several outstanding warrants.

The pursuit began around 2:30 Tuesday morning when an officer saw a man riding his bike into oncoming traffic on Jasper at 26th Street, and he had no reflectors or light. When he tried to stop him, the officer says the bicyclist headed south towards the bike path along Holliday Creek, then he went down the slope, seemed to lose control and went straight into the creek along with his bike.

When the officer got to the creek bank, he said Bales was heading for the other side, looking back at the officer and ignored his commands to stop.

He radioed other officers and they located Bales in trees east of where he went in.

He was taken to the hospital to be checked then booked into jail.

Police say his assault charge was filed last November when Bales knocked his stepfather unconscious because he had remarked at how drunk Bales’ mother was after she almost fell into a fire pit twice.

He also was arrested with many other men several years after a series of copper wire thefts in which wire was stolen during the night at a recycling yard then sold back to the same recycling company.

Bales has 36 arrests here since 1988.