WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Police said statements from two eyewitnesses, a Crime Stoppers tip, video surveillance, and phone records provided the evidence needed to arrest and charge Ramon Rubio with the murder of Guadalupe Valdez. Click here to read the full affidavit.

The first eyewitness told police he was in the back seat of a pickup in which Rubio, whom both eye witnesses also knew by the nickname “Looney,” was the front seat passenger, and a man he did not know was driving.

He said they were driving around the night of June 30 looking for another person when they turned onto Avenue L and saw Valdez in the middle of the street. He said they stopped and Valdez came up to the passenger side and he and Rubio got in a heated argument, and Rubio shot Valdez multiple times.

He said the driver then drove away and went to an unknown address where he parked the truck, and they got out and got in another vehicle. Police said the witness was able to take them to the location of the exchange, and that both the pickup and the second vehicle were there.

Police said the information from this witness corroborated the information they received in the Crime Stoppers tip. Because of the information that led police to the address, they said they were able to locate and talk to the driver of the truck who lived at that residence.

They said his account matched that of the other eyewitness, and their statements were also corroborated by surveillance video and records in Rubio’s phone.

Besides his murder charge, Rubio was also served a warrant for a family violence assault that allegedly happened in April in the 700 block of Harrison.

The victim said Rubio was her ex-boyfriend and she was driving him somewhere when he became angry and accused her of having sex with other men. She said he slapped her and also punched her with a closed fist, then choked her with one hand.

She said she was able to drive to a house and get out of the vehicle and call police. Rubio has three previous arrests for assault or family violence.