UPDATE: Names released in April 27th kidnapping, stabbing & shooting through Wilbarger County

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UPDATE: The names of the those involved in the alleged kidnapping, stabbing and officer-involved shooting Thursday, April 27 have been released.

According to Sgt. Dan Buesing, Texas Department of Safety, the stabbing victim, Kaylea Butts, 22, remains in serious, but stable condition. Anthony Lamar Carter, the alleged kidnapper, 22, was shot and killed by Texas State Trooper according to Department of Public Safety officials.

“As soon as he passed us up, he veered over into our lane and we saw a sliver of tire rubber go flying up into the sky. All of this was transpiring up in front of us, so we saw the car do the Dukes of Hazard and hit on the wreckage and hit the sign. The debris behind the car, the whole entire front wheelbase was laying on the ground. It was incredible.”

This is what Jim Russell said he saw Thursday when he was traveling to Vernon, witnessing the end of a long chase.

“We got a THP unit out of Wilbarger County that was able to set a successful spike,” Sergeant Dan Buesing, Texas Department of Safety, said.  

“One of our deputy vehicles was up there actually cutting in there to get to the vehicle before they got out of the car,” David Duke, Wichita County Sheriff, said.

Inside the car, a Norman man who authorities said allegedly kidnapped a female in Oklahoma after a domestic dispute.

Russel said, “As soon as the car came to a stop, the girl who had blood all over her face, got out of the car and came running back to the highway. The driver got out of his seat, chased after her, tackled her, threw her down. We did not see anything in his hand, but we did see him reach inside of his jacket and his hand come down on her a couple of times.”

That weapon was identified by Sheriff Duke as a large knife.

“Our deputy was getting out of the unit with his firearm,” Sheriff Duke said. “He saw the victim getting out of the passenger side running back towards the troopers that were pulling up. And the suspect got out and ran. Our deputy witnessed the suspect tackle the female and had a large knife and began stabbing her. At that point, DPS engaged the suspect.”

“We heard something yelled out to him and then immediately a fire of gunshots. A bunch of them. Probably 8 to 12,” Russel said.

DPS officials said a Texas State Trooper shot and killed the alleged kidnapper.

“To see something like this was just…it just makes you wonder how it could happen in Texoma and it did and so our very best goes to the innocent in this but it was tragic,” Russel said.

Texas Rangers are taking the lead on the investigation.

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