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The idea of Lake Wichita having more to offer residents is somewhat of an easy sell for folks ready to enjoy a spring afternoon by the lake!
“It’d be nice to actually be able to use the lake. The facilities around the lake are very nice, but if you could actually get in the water — It’s just kind of…. not much of a lake right now. Kind of a mud whole,” resident Tommy Hester said. 

Steve Garner, the chairman of the Revitalization Committee said they are just weeks away from getting a needed permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Once we get that, that gives us the green light to get started with this project,” Garner said.

For more than three years, Garner said they have been conducting surveys and studies on the lake to satisfy the Corps of Engineers’ permit.

So far, the committee has about $2.5 million for the project — from two $500 thousand grants — and other varying sizes of donations.

The entire revitalization project has a total price tag of $50 million.

One of the first portions of the revitalization efforts will include a boat ramp and veterans plaza.

“We will be replacing the current single lane boat ramp with a four lane, much deeper boat ramp, along with restrooms — cleaning stations for the fishermen that are out here,” Garner said.

The other beginning revitalization effort will include the construction of a board walk.

“This is really incredible. This project is going to give 100 years of benefit to our community. This is gonna be something my great grand children will be able to come out and enjoy,” Garner said.

The boat ramp project and board walk project both have their own grant designations, but the City of Wichita Falls may combine the projects when it comes to the architectural engineering part in order to save money.

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