Benjamin Walker — works at Sheppard Air Force Base — and he also owns and operates Blazing Star Urban Farm.

Walker turned his front lawn — a fifth of an acre — into a large garden.

“You know, I’ve always been around it. My parents have always had a garden and I’ve been doing gardening for as long as I’ve been an officer really,” Walker said.

He is also one of the brand new vendors at the Wichita Falls Farmers Market — starting on the first day of their main season: May 6.

“And I just figure, you know, I’m here, so let’s bloom where I’m planted, right?” Walker said.

“We have a lot of new farmers. A lot of smaller farmers are realizing the potential of bringing their produce down to the market so we’re going from the past we’ve had three to four farmers to about seven or eight,” Jeanette Charos with Downtown Wichita Falls Development said.

The farmers market has grown a lot over the years — and will continue to expand this summer.

“There’s lots of new things going on,” Charos said. “Every Tuesday during the summer — we’re going to have kid’s activities. Adult activities on Thursdays. We’re also starting the little chef’s camp so we’re bringing in a local chef to kind of teach the little ones how to cook.”

Partly thanks to a $500 thousand USDA grant — in cooperation with Vernon College and the Vernon Farmers Market.

“I think it’s going to be an awesome time,” Walker said.

At the city council meeting this past week, Downtown Wichita Falls Development also renewed their farmers market lease with the city, which owns the property.

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