USPS Christmas deadline coming soon

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There will be lots of toys and goodies being delivered by the United States Postal Service this holiday season, including what Wichita Falls resident Carrol Strain is mailing.

“I’m sending out pecans to friends and family that don’t live in the state and don’t get the quality pecans that we get around here,” Strain said. And just as, if not better news, Strain got a jump start on her Christmas shopping and mailing.

“This is the very last, the very last. Thank goodness,” Strain said.

While it may be ‘the last’ for Strain, the United States Postal Service still has a few days left for Christmas Day deliveries. The deadline for First Class Mail and Priority Mail is this Thursday, Dec. 20. Priority Mail Express is this Saturday, Dec. 22.

USPS supervisor Jeanne Rafter says in her 12 years at the Post Office, this has been the busiest and it’s due to online sales, specifically Amazon.

“They’re our biggest impact; but they’re great about giving us projections, what they think is coming. They drop three times a day,” Rafter explained.

To meet demand, the Postal Service has hired holiday help, making sure to get gifts under the tree by Dec. 25. Besides meeting the deadline, Rafter pointed out how customers can help some of Santa’s helper elves.

“Double check your shipping address. I got a lot of phone calls that the package is going to their old address or they spelled the street wrong,” Rafter said.

Despite other options for shipping and mailing, Strain explained why, for the most part, she sticks with the Post Office.

“It’s an institution. It makes things convenient for people. And it’s a cheaper way to ship sometimes,” Strain said.

An institution making sure Christmas comes on time: signed, sealed and delivered. Rafter also said the middle of the day is generally not as busy at the Morningside Post Office.

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