One of two people charged with child abuse in connection to a case first reported by school staff at Lamar Elementary is now indicted.
Tammy Lynn Vaughn was indicted by the most recent grand jury on two counts of injury to a child.
Police said she was a foster parent with one foster child in her home and had a legal duty to act to protect any child from abuse.
Michael Corey was arrested in September and was charged with three counts of injury to a child, involving siblings ages 8, 10 and 11. According to the children’s account, they were made to bend over to take “licks” for discipline and while Corey beat them with a paddle and Vaughn would keep count.
The children said they could not keep track of how many times they were hit, but that Corey told them they had 90 licks coming for not completing the sentences they were supposed to write.  After giving one girl her punishment, the boy said Corey asked him if he could take 50-like the girl did. After one child got the punishment, they said he would start over again on another.
Police said a piece of paper had the number 600 on it. and there  were marks as if someone was keeping count. The children said if they moved or fell, the count had to start over.
According to police, Vaughn said Corey called her to come witness discipline of two of the children and during the beating of the boy, she covered her eyes and plugged her ears to not listen.
Exams at the hospital revealed severe bruising and swelling over many parts of the children’s bodies.