Vernon city officials to reinforce animal ordinance

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Update: The old rates and the proposed new rates have been updated.

First Impoundment increased from $15 to $40

Second Impoundment and thereafter increased from $75 to $150 within 2-years.

Daily Care Fee increased from $10 a day to $20 a day.

Bite animal impoundment 10 days increased from $100 to $200.

Requested Pathological Exam increased $80 to the actual cost to Humane Society.

Registration of dangerous animal increased from $100 to $200.


City officials in Vernon are making strides to keep animals off the streets and on their leash.

But this all starts with the pet owners.

City Manager Marty Mangum emphasized that this is just reinforcing a rule that was already there with hopes that Vernon residents can pay better attention to their pets.

Suzie Streit is the office manager at the Wilbarger Humane Society who has seen her fair share of strays in the past couple years.

“The decline in overpopulation is happening, but we still have so many animals running at large or getting through fences, or things like that, we still have a little bit of a problem,” Streit said.

And it is for this problem why city officials are putting their foot down and reinforcing laws regarding domestic animals in the city of Vernon.

“Keep reminding people to keep their dogs on leashes and not let them run wild in the streets and that nature,” Vernon City Manager Marty Mangum said.

The ordinance will explore increased penalties for those who are not in compliance with the rules such as fixing fencings for outdoor enclosures, ensuring their dogs have the rabies shots as well as keeping pets on leashes.

While the costs can add up, Mangum said the money is the least of the problem at hand.

“The whole idea is to get people to be more responsible with their pets, it’s not about generating money, we’re not interested in that what we are interested in is making sure Vernon is safe for the citizens,” Mangum said.

“I understand where it can be a lot of money for a pet owner, but I’m hoping that it will help make them aware of what’s going on with their pet,” Streit said.

During a city commission meeting on Tuesday, officials will decide whether or not to move forward with the proposed changes.

Follow this link for current fines for violating the city ordinances.

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