Vernon honors MLK with streets & garden

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Many folks in Vernon were very happy with several votes from city commissioners on Tuesday night.

Two months after the possibility of renaming a street in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brought controversy during the city commission meeting, a slight change of location brought no opposition at all.

Now there are big plans ahead.

After several items of business, Vernon city commissioners opened up discussion on how best to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Being several of the churches are located on Dean street, we’re asking the city council to approve Dean Street being renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Street,” Gospel Fellowship Pastor Willie King said.

Soon after those words from Pastor King, the vote was unanimous to change the name of Dean Street from Fannin to Strayhan, and to change the name of Bacon Street to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street.

King: “I feel like it’s real progress.  I feel like it’s a giant step toward creating a better community. To quote Dr. King, to create the beloved community.”

Commissioners also voted to rename Vernon’s new community garden, off Strahan, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Garden.

“Vernon made a giant step today, said Reverend Robert Thomas.

King: “Giant step. It’s just getting started. A whole lot greater things to come.  I believe it,” 

Mayor Rogers says TXDOT has already been notified and he expects signs to come down and be changed within the next couple of months.

Vernon city commissioners also voted Tuesday night to tear down the old Gibson’s building back behind the garden and off US 287, which really excites everyone involved with the projects.

Also in that same vote that was opposed by Commissioner Britt Ferguson, Mayor Joe Rogers says the city will pay about $720 for a sign for the garden and two bigger signs marking the current Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Highway that runs through Vernon on US 287.  

There were also well- wishes in Tuesday night’s meeting from audience members for outgoing Mayor Rogers, Commissioner Ruben Hinojosa & Commissioner Guy Spears.

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