WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Vernon parent is charged with assault after police said a Burkburnett player tried to stop a fight between two parents at a football game and got slugged and knocked to the ground.

Darien Williams is charged with assault causing bodily injury to the Burkburnett High School player.

It happened at a 7 on 7 game between Burkburnett and Vernon at the Hirschi High field on May 23. The Burkburnett player and his father said Williams became irate during the game and tried to fight another parent.

The player’s father told a WFISD officer on duty at Hirschi that his son and a coach tried to restrain Williams and Williams swung around the coach to hit his son in the mouth, then continued walking around trying to start fights. His son told the officer he was trying to stop Williams from fighting another parent and that Williams looked at him then hit him, said he was sorry then continued to try fighting the other parent.

The report states other coaches finally got him calmed down. The officer reported the Burkburnett teen had a cut on the top of his lip, and his father said he wanted charges filed.
The father provided video of the incident which the officer says showed the two trying to restrain Williams and Williams swinging and hitting the victim, causing him to fall to the ground.
The officer says several people tried to restrain Williams but he got away and walked up to another person and tried to start a fight. Two people then grab him and pull him away.

He said Williams then goes up to a woman who is on her phone and she puts her hand out to make him stop, then Williams spits at her. Another person then wraps his arms around Williams and takes him away.