WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After three years of no Veteran’s Day Parade, the tradition is back!

The Veteran’s Day Parade filled Scott Street after three years.

“Really pleased today. We probably had upwards of 60 different entrants, and we had some minor glitches but the spirit of the day was there to honor veterans, and I think we had a pretty good turnout. I was really impressed with the number of spectators along the way. A lot of people turned out for this,” North Texas Veterans Council Dick Crislip said.

Kids and adults showing veterans their support and thanking them for their service.

From the Jeep club, Girl Scouts, and even our own KFDX van, many came to show their support. From flags on trailers, pictures, the respect for veterans in Wichita Falls was on full display.

“I think Wichita Falls is a veterans’ town. Because of Sheppard, a lot of people retire here and just a great respect of the military here,” Crislip said.

Crislip walked with Vietnam Veterans during the event and enjoys hearing the crowd thanking them for their service.

“They say we weren’t treated right when we came back but we certainly get that up pouring from the community. they give us a big round of applause and it quite rewarding,” Crislip said.

While Crislip was pleased with the parade, he says he hopes next year will be bigger and better.

“Look forward to next year. We will have it bigger and better,” Crislip said.

An annual tradition, now back in Wichita Falls.