WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—The victims of a fire that broke out on Sunday morning are asking the community for help after losing nearly everything they owned. Patricia Barron said due to the fire and heavy amount of smoke damage, she’s going to have to toss just about everything she owns, leaving her starting at square one, but an account set up by family members could be her saving grace.

Patricia Barron and her daughter Jessica woke up Sunday morning and did what they did every Sunday, went to church.

“We finished the service, and we had a family member come running in and telling us you need to get home your house is on fire, so we ran back home and this is what we found,” Barron said.

The culprit was an electric fireplace.

“She has a little fireplace heater right there next to the door, and it had a lot of connections there, and they say that’s what had caused it,” Barron said.

The fire completely destroyed Patricia’s bedroom, while the heavy smoke filled the rest with her home, ruining everything she owns.

“Not only that but the memories we have here it was just heartbreaking you know but at the same time were relieved that we weren’t even here,” Barron said.

Since the fire, an account has been set up for the Barron’s to help replace what’s been lost, Patricia said the community has already stepped up to help.

“She didn’t have any clothes, and we’ve received bags of clothes, shoes, the next day they just came, and family and just people came in and donated me money,” Barron said.

Something both Patricia and Jessica say speaks volumes about the Wichita Falls community.

“We all pull together its a lot of help to us, they give I don’t care if it’s a lot or a little to me its something, just the thought myself it’s appreciated, and the prayers, you can’t buy the prayers they’ve been doing, and were grateful for god. Continue praying for us and if you can help that would be great as well again thank you, thank you to everybody that has stepped up,” Barron said.

While the Barron’s continue to pick up the pieces, they’ll have a little peace of mind knowing the community has their back.

If you would like to help the Barron’s, click here for the GoFundMe.