DENTON, Texas (KXAN) — Police in Denton have arrested a man after he was seen on video punching another man during an altercation outside a Buc-ee’s store.

The victim told police it began after he and a friend got into an argument with supporters of President Donald Trump.

In the video, Jason Lata, 44, is seen yelling at the victim before punching him to the ground.

“F**k you, homeboy!” Lata appears to say in the video. “I’ll f*****g eat your face off, m*****f****r. You want a f*****g piece?”

He then punches the victim, who suffered an abrasion below the eyebrow and a broken tooth.

After the report and circulation of the video, Denton Police Chief Frank Dixon asked for public help locating the suspect who was later identified as Lata.

Late Saturday night, Lata was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury. He was booked into the Denton Jail and his bail was set at $15,000.

It’s not yet known how the altercation, which happened at the store located on South Interstate 35E, began. It is unclear if the men were at the store as part of the Saturday event, “Operation MAGA,” which featured impromptu campaign rallies to carry the Trump campaign forward while the President is hospitalized for COVID-19.