VITA training volunteers, seeking more volunteers for this tax season

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It’s something dreaded and looked forward to all at once: tax season. While it can seem like a burden and cause stress, it can also bring about relief in the form of a substantial tax refund. And helping to make sure Texomans get an accurate refund are some area volunteers.

Genevieve Anderson has been with the Volunteer Income Tax Program or VITA for 17 years. She recognizes it may seem like a long time to help Texomans with their taxes, but she said she enjoys it.

“People say to me: ‘I could never be as passionate about taxes like you are.’ And I’m like: ‘I’m not passionate about taxes. I’m passionate about people.’ I’m good at taxes and I like to help them,” said Anderson.

Anderson and her volunteers are training hard to learn how to process the soon to be received tax paperwork.

“I got an amazing number of volunteers, but these people work and they’re employed. So, I’m going to get piecemeal different times of the week they’re able to help me out. So, that’s why I continue to always want more volunteers,” Anderson said.

Currently, Anderson has about 10 Americorps volunteers and 35 civilian volunteers, including one that’s returned for the second year in a row.

“I am the one, when it comes to tax returns and dealing with the IRS, was scared to death,” said Deanna Dockman-Henry.

But no longer. Dockman-Henry first met Anderson when United Way Volunteers came to help out at Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind, where Dockman-Henry works and was impressed by the work they did. She then learned about tax refund processing herself and found it not too difficult, which is why she’s volunteering again.

“Doing volunteer work and helping people and seeing what a difference it was making, it kind of just pulls you in to help out,” said Dockman-Henry.

And while they can’t give someone the tax refund they may dream of, VITA volunteers can give their best effort and bring someone the refund they deserve by looking things over carefully this tax season.

The VITA office on Armory Road will be open for tax return processing January 22nd and they’re taking appointments now.

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