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If you have gone to Wal-Mart this week, you may notice empty shelves in the ice cream department that is because Wal-Mart and other grocery stores … have removed any Blue Bell ice cream products that could be potentially linked to the Broken Arrow plant and the possible listeria outbreak. This after that ice cream sickened eight people – five in Kansas and three in Texas.

Blue Bell has issued recalls for more than 25 of its products since last month. We spoke with Wal-Mart representatives who assure us the company is working with Blue Bell to replace those products.

For many Texomans, savoring each spoonful of Blue Bell ice cream is a tradition. 

“Oh, ever since I can remember,” laughed Blue Bell Eater, Luella Johnson. “It is. I like that flavor, butter pecan.”

“Oh, anything to do with chocolate. I love chocolate. That’s my favorite,” stated Blue Bell Eater, Tereasa Crawford.

“Oh, I like the vanilla Blue Bell, which I’m very upset … because I love their ice cream and it’s messed up,” said Blue Bell Eater, Rebekah Freeman.

Since Blue Bell opened its doors in 1930, its slogan has been ‘making the best ice cream in the country’. But, now after the potential listeria outbreak, it is a claim some ice cream eaters are not sure they measure up to.

“Well, that sucks. I guess we won’t be getting listeria, that’s a good thing,” said Freeman. 

“We’ll be going back to Ben & Jerry’s,” said another Blue Bell eater.

“Yeah or the cheap kind,” agreed Freeman.

Here in Wichita Falls, Wal-Mart has removed all Blue Bell products from store shelves over the past week. Wal-Mart representatives assure ice cream lovers they will issue refunds to customers who bought the products. All they have to do is bring proof of purchase.

It is good news for Luella Johnson … who did not know she could get her money back.

“Well, I’m going to have to throw it away. I have it in the car … I mean it’s at home,” Johnson continued.

Wal-Mart representatives also said they have set up a protective measure to prevent any more customers from purchasing this ice cream. They said “if a customer tries to purchase a product that is recalled by Blue Bell – the cash register won’t allow the purchase of the items.”

Johnson’s pleased with how Wal-Mart is handling the situation. But, she said this scare is enough for her to end her love affair with the company’s dish on butter pecan.

“Oh sure, I will. But, not Blue Bell,” Johnson finished.

Wal-Mart representatives said they do not know how long it will be before they are once again selling Blue Bell.

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