WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The district attorney’s attempt to put a repeat burglar back in jail by revoking his bond was stalled when the defendant didn’t show up for the bond hearing.

Now, a warrant is out for the arrest of Raymond North for failing to show.

After North was released on bond for five of the charges in February, then arrested on four more new charges after his release, the district attorney’s office asked a judge to revoke his bonds and have him rearrested with new bonds set.

However, North did not show up for the hearing on Tuesday, so the judge ordered an arrest warrant be issued.

North’s last arrest was in September when a Wichita County deputy saw a car pulling in between some houses. The deputy stopped to investigate and saw a tool bag and box inside that matched those he had seen in a theft report just 30 minutes prior to stopping North.

The deputy said North told him he should not have any outstanding warrants since he had just been released from jail, but the deputy found one out of Cotton County for aggravated assault of an officer.

North’s other arrest in September is connected to the theft of a catalytic converter off a 2001 Honda on Roosevelt.

In July, he got his eighth burglary charge of this year for the alleged theft of $8,000 worth of hair extensions from a shop on May 17.

North was arrested four times last year in a three-month span.

One was for allegedly breaking into the safe of a man who was dying in the hospital.