WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Hearing the front door open unexpectedly around midnight and looking up to find a stranger standing in the entryway is a nightmare no one ever wants to experience.

But for one Wichita Falls woman, that nightmare quickly became a reality late Sunday night.

It happened in the Southland Addition in the area of Wichita Falls High School around midnight on Sunday, February 20.

A resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, was alone in her home. Little did she know, an unidentified male was finding his way in.

As footage captured from the victim’s Ring doorbell camera shows, the unidentified male spends several moments with what appears to be a tool used by locksmiths, according to the victim. After about a minute, the suspect closes the screen door and walks away.

Several moments later, the same suspect returns and lets himself into the residence, with what the victim thinks is a key the suspect somehow fashioned to fit the lock on the front door.

The reporting party, who also requested their identity not be revealed, said the victim is a very private person who has owned the home for well over 20 years, and they are certain no one has been given a spare copy of the key.

“It looks like he used something to get the key combo,” the reporting party said.

Upon entering the home, the suspect called out for someone, then said it was his house and that he paid the rent.

The suspect can be heard on the doorbell camera footage saying, “I’ve got the key right here. Sorry.”

Although not entirely clear, it sounds as if the victim replied, “We’re strangers!”

According to the reporting party, the victim then yelled at the suspect to leave and called the police.

Luckily, the reporting party said the victim wasn’t injured and nothing has been reported missing from the residence.

It is unclear at this time if any arrests have been made in connection to this incident.

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