“Water Walkers” reflect on abuse in new book

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A woman who survived domestic abuse, not only found the strength to walk away but now empowers other women to do the same.

Rev. Pamela Hart gathered a group of women to tell others their stories of abuse, in hopes of helping someone else.

This weekend, the ladies are hosting a series of events at Perfected Praise Youth Ministries to launch the book “Water Walkers”.

“I was on the ground, and then he got a pillow and put the pillow over my head and tried to suffocate me,” Hart said.

It was in this moment that Hart knew she was in trouble, but luckily she was saved by the doorbell.

“God sent an angel, a friend came over and that’s what stopped him that day,” Hart said. 

Wife, mother, pastor, coach and author are all the titles she holds now but it was never an easy road to get here. 

Hart has survived a cycle of abuse, in two separate marriages that lasted two decades.

“Six months into the marriage is when the abuse started,” Hart said. 

Hart said not having brought up in a home seeing abuse, she was not quite educated on the topic and so she thought she hit the jackpot when she met and married her first husband at 21-years-old.

Now the proud survivor helps women everywhere now by telling her story and helping them open up about their own abuse.

“That impact of her story will help so many other individuals,” Hart said.

Deborah Dyason from First Step Inc. said there are many different paths that survivors can take to recover from abuse.

“Whatever they do it it’s so important that they have absolute support by someone who understands the signs and the symptoms and the basic knowledge that domestic violence is never acceptable,” Dyason said.

Now Hart, along with nine others, have completed their anthology of stories, ‘Water Walkers.” The name symbolic for each woman walking on their struggles and truths and overcoming their pain.

If you or someone you know is going through abuse, call 1-800-658-2683.

Everyone is welcomed to purchase tickets to join the authors at a red carpet event at Luby’s at 1801 9th Street followed by a book signing on Friday and a business and spiritual leadership business workshop on Saturday.

Follow this link to get tickets and the book.

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