WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As the storm season continues to break records, one business in Wichita Falls is doing what it can to assist those in need.

“Here in Wichita Falls we have the best restoriation in the nation I believe,” ServiceMaster owner Michael Albert said.

With confidence like that, it’s no surprise when Lake Charles, Louisiana was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, that Albert decided to hit the road with his team.

“A lot of damage, very widespread, unlike any storm we’ve ever seen before the national news didn’t pick up on it a lot but there are folks today still with no electricity five weeks later,” Albert said,

After assisting in Lake Charles, Albert said most of their time was spent just north in a small town of DeQuincy.

There they were able to help local churches and medical organizations in the area get back on their feet.

“There was not a building that was left untouched in this whole community, we were very blessed this time to be able to help a lot of our church partners and there’s something good about helping a church and while we’re helping them, they’re helping the community,” Albert said.

After nearly three weeks on the road, the crew returned to Wichita Falls and their families.

But less than 48 hours later, they were back on the road to the gulf shores. A quick turnaround, but Albert said these crews just want to get out there and help.

“We’re lucky that we have guys that willingly and voluntarily go to these places,” Albert said. “They know they’re going to be sleeping in less than desirable locations, if they have a hotel they are fortunate, and they jump at the chance to go help other people.”

Albert said these trips are humbling, adding there’s so much more you take away after meeting all these people.

“They just want somebody to talk to, they want somebody to understand what their condition is,” Albert said, “And if we can take a lot of chaos and turn it into a little bit of normalcy before we leave, then our goals been met.”

So, how much longer could they be on the road? Well, with the way 2020’s gone, Albert said there’s no end game in sight.

Hurricane Laura killed at least 10 people and caused about $25 billion in damage.

Officials called it one of the most powerful hurricanes to afflict the U.S. Gulf Coast in decades.