WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Looks like Wichita Falls has a potential movie star in 9-year-old Carson Minniear.

Minniear is set to be in the film ‘Palmer’ which stars Justin Timberlake.

What started off as a modeling career for Carson has turned into another way to show off what he calls his natural talent.

“I got signed with a modeling agent in Dallas and they asked me to do a commercial. So I did it and the director asked my parents, ‘Does he do acting classes?’ we said ‘No’ so he recommended we get into them. And I’ve been training at DTV studios,” Minniear said.

Since then, Carson has been earning roles in shows like Doom Patrol and The Purge.

And life hasn’t changed much for Carson either.

“I will get up, wake up go to school, get pulled out of school early, go down to Dallas or come here to do it in the blue screen over there. And learn the script when I get home, do my hair all that and do it,” Minniesear said.

Carson will also be in the upcoming movie ‘Palmer’ that stars Justin Timberlake.

“He was super nice. We talked about golf and acting. Palmer has been my favorite role just because it gets across a great message,” Minniear said.

When Carson isn’t acting, he’s doing kid things like playing video games, spending time with friends or playing soccer, baseball, basketball or golf.

“Whenever I’m hanging out with friends I forget all about acting. And when I’m playing sports, I just really think about the game. Whenever I do think about it is kind of weird… Just being normal but yet having a job at nine years old,” Minniear said.

And out of modeling and acting, carson prefers the big screen.

“Acting is so fun, it’s a really good stress reliever,” Minniear said. “If you’re born natural talent, you can really be good at it.”

And Carson said he hopes to be good at it for a very long time.

Carson also said the cast of ‘Palmer’ will be watching the movie together tonight on Zoom.

It is set to hit Apple TV+ on Friday, to watch the trailer you can click here.