WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls couple is sentenced to probation after pleas Thursday in 89th District Court in connection with child abuse.

Buford Whisenant and Jennifer Nash had been set to go to trial this week but accepted plea bargains. Whisenant got three years probation and Nash got two years.

Police officers were called to a 14-year-old boy’s school in 2016 because he had injuries to his abdomen and chest.

Officers said both defendants admitted shooting pellets at the boy as a discipline and using other forms of punishment such as allowing him to eat only Raman noodles.

Police officers also said Whisenant and Nash also made the boy stand and stare at a strip of duct tape on the wall while holding cans of peas and raising his arms up and down.

The boy said if he quit looking at the tape, Whisenant shot him with an airsoft pellet.

He also had to do squats and pushups, and when he could do no more, he was shot again or struck with a bar of soap wrapped inside a pillowcase.