WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man with more than 50 arrests in Wichita County dating back to 1991, including three for attempted murder, is being held without bond for violation of parole after Wichita Falls Police Gang Task Force officers stake out a house near Seymour Highway and Kemp for several days, then kick in the door.

According to records, Michael Oliver Smith had a warrant for violation of parole, and officers had multiple sources of intelligence he was in a residence on Roberts Avenue.

Wichita County Jail

Police said he is a violent felon with a history of evading and fighting officers.

Surveillance of the home was set up for several days but he was never seen entering and leaving, and officers said their intelligence and sources stated he never left the house because he knew there was a warrant out for him.

On Monday, December 27, they saw a woman arrive at the home and an officer pulled in behind her car, blocking it in the driveway.

Police said they asked her to stop and talk to them, but she went inside and locked the door.

An officer went up to the door and said he looked into the window and saw Smith walk into the living room, and Smith saw him and ran out of the room.

Officers yelled at the woman to open the door but she refused, so officers began kicking the door until it opened.

They said they found the woman and two men in the living room and the woman pointed at one and said “That’s Michael,” but the officer who saw Smith knew it wasn’t him.

As more officers came in the house for the search, they said Smith came out and gave himself up, but said he was Remarcus Donell, who also had warrants.

Police later positively identified him as Smith through photos and tattoos on file.

Smith’s lengthy arrest record includes attempted murder, assaults, evading arrest and resisting arrest.