WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— A 24-year-old Wichita Falls man gets four charges filed after police said he threatened several officers and head butted one who was trying to restrain him in a patrol car.

Kenneth Scott Hatch is charged with assault of a public servant, retaliation, resisting arrest and assault family violence.

On Sunday, police went to the 2800 block of Roanoke on a family disturbance.

Police said they found a woman in the driveway who told them Hatch had their child inside.

She said Hatch was very intoxicated, and when she had tried to leave with the child, he pushed her and began throwing things at her.

Police said they went to the door and Hatch answered it, holding the child.

Police took the child and told Hatch he was under arrest, and said he made a fist and cursed and said he was going to beat them all.

Police said he knocked a taser out of one officer’s hand and a struggle ensued involving several officers.

After several minutes, police said they got Hatch handcuffed and on the way to the patrol car, he kept making more threats.

Inside the car, officers said Hatch got his handcuffed hands from behind his back and as they tried to get him out to re-handcuff him, he continued to resist and make threats.

As one officer got behind him, they said Hatch threw his head back with great force and hit the officer in his mouth.