WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— A Wichita Falls woman with an arrest record dating back to 2008 is arrested for the alleged attempted robbery of a $5 dollar bottle of wine from Auto’s Grocery on Harrison.

32-year-old Natasha Latchett has a charge of robbery and theft and $15,000 bonds.

On October 31, a clerk told police he tried to stop a black female and black male from stealing a $4.99 bottle of MD 2020 and the male suspect assaulted him.

Police said video shows the woman taking a bottle from the cooler and trying to walk out but the clerk blocked her and the man with her got between her and the clerk.

The clerk said the man began pushing him and he pushed back and the female pushed him as she ran out, dropping the bottle of wine. The clerk and the man then began punching each other until the clerk picked up a trash can and the male suspect left the store.

The clerk said the two left in an older gold Oldsmobile four-door.

Police said they learned Latchett was known to drive that type vehicle and had a history of shoplifting, and the clerk id’ed her in a photo lineup.

The male suspect is as yet unknown.