As part of a Texas attorney general investigation, a Wichita Falls woman is charged with harboring a capital murder suspect from the metroplex.

Waxahachie police detectives served a warrant on Kevaughn Dewayne Mitchell of Addison for the murder of a 26-year-old man last Friday.

The day before the murder, authorities said Mitchell was picked up by Erica Reann Mask, 21, in Wichita Falls.

The Texas Attorney General Fugitive Apprehension team discovered Mask and Mitchell were in a relationship and living at her home here in Wichita Falls in early May.

While the team conducted surveillance on them, they confronted Mask as she was leaving her home and she agreed to go down to the Wichita Falls police officers or an interview.

Authorities said Mask confirmed she was pregnant with a child and then provided investigators with a phone number to get in contact with Mitchell, but she denied knowing where he was.

However, when authorities searched her text messages, they reported finding a text from Mitchell telling her to lie to authorities and said she hasn’t seen him or spoken to him.

Mitchell was found last week at a home in Paris, Texas, and taken into custody along with another woman, who said Mask had a direct role in hiding Mitchell from law enforcement.

The woman also said Mask had plans to send Mitchell to Calfornia to stay with one of her relatives.
Mask’s sister, Sintera Ann Mask, was also arrested Wednesday in Wichita Falls.

According to Waxahachie police, Sintera Mask is also part of the capital murder investigation. She’s charged with fabricating physical evidence and giving a false report to a peace officer.