WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman who has been arrested in each of the last three months is back in jail on new charges of stealing a car and identity theft.

36-year-old Trinity Noland was arrested and is being charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of 60 stolen credit cards and possession of methamphetamine.

A woman in the stolen car with Noland, Taleashea Solomon, was charged with the same offenses.

Officials with the Wichita Falls Police Department said they received a tip on Tuesday afternoon that a stolen Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck had been seen in the 4300 block of Boren Avenue.

At one point, officials said the stolen truck was stopped at a stop sign, the passenger, Noland, got out of the car and switched places with the driver, Solomon.

According to authorities, the officer stopped the truck in the 3100 block of Lawrence Road, identified the vehicle as stolen, and arrested both women.

Police said they conducted an inventory search of the vehicle, which revealed several items also reported stolen, including a checkbook, a wallet containing over 57 credit cards belonging to several victims, and a card holder containing a Texas drivers license and three other credit cards.

Police said they also found a white purse in the center console containing a white substance, a pipe, a bowl, and three unused syringes.

The substance later tested positive for meth.

Noland has a lengthy criminal history including multiple arrests within the past four years.

Noland was arrested on Dec. 4, 2019 for allegedly stealing her roommate’s mother’s car. Police said she admitted the car was stolen but she had found it and was returning it.

That charge was later dismissed at the arresting officer’s request.

Over a week earlier, on Nov. 22, 2019, Noland was arrested after police said she and three men broke into a home on Avenue H.

Noland was sentenced to five years in prison for robbery in March 2019. Her sentence was converted to five years probation, and released in July 2019.

In 2017, authorities said Noland and a partner committed armed robberies in Wichita Falls.

Noland was indicted in September 2019 for manslaughter for the 2016 shooting death of Shaun Simpson in Henrietta, after the original murder charge was dismissed.