WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — “Demystifying Diversity” is the focus of a new workshop presented by the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce in January.

The goal of the workshops is to highlight the increasing correlation between intentional inclusion and organizational success.

With their ears to the ground, Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce members spent part of 2020 meeting with local business leaders to find out if anything was holding them back.

Taylor Davis has been partnering with local talent in Wichita Falls since 2019 and said the workshop is the beginning of what the chamber plans to offer.

“We thought it was a great way to begin this conversation by bringing in dr. Nika white for this two-part series on demystifying diversity,” Davis said.

Dr. Nika White is a Management and Leadership Consultant and award-winning author who Chamber Project Coordinator Sarah Walton said couldn’t be better positioned to lead the workshop.

“She’s very well versed in this topic. She’s nationally known as an advocate for diversity as well as being management and leadership consultant,” Walton said.

The perfect person to emphasize the importance of viewing diversity, equity, and inclusion as vital to successful organizations and businesses.

“We would very much like to bridge gaps between us and make people realize that although we are different, we are beautiful because of our diversity. It shouldn’t be putting us against each other. instead, we should be appreciating it,” Walton said.

With an overall goal of creating opportunities for a better, more successful Wichita Falls tomorrow.

The “Demystifying Diversity” workshops will take place on January 13 and 20. Click here to register for one or both of the workshops.