WFFD hope to complete new traffic light technology

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First responders hope to soon have an easier path to their call at every intersection. 

These new traffic signal upgrades will greatly decrease the number of accidents with emergency vehicles as well as cut down on response times. As of now, these traffic signals are not at every intersection but come Nov. 20 at the city council meeting, first responders are hoping it will be approved so every intersection is well equipped.

Assistant fire chief Donald Hughes said having these new upgrades will be a big help.

“It will help to clear the intersections more when we come to a light. It will turn green and give the cars that are in the zone a little more time to move out of the way,” said Hughes. “For each intersection, it can save you 10 seconds. So, you make three or four intersections you’re saving 40 to 60 seconds and that can make a lot of difference,” said Hughes.

Hughes said cutting down around 10 seconds at each intersection could be the difference between life and death. 

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