WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—While the two new WFISD High Schools are coming along well, the WFISD Board of Trustees is still making decisions on what to do with its three current high school campuses, and the possibility of all three of them, even Old High, being turned into middle schools

“Does the board want to spend that amount of money to repair Old High or go to a two-tier middle school model with portables those are the things we’ve got to weigh,” WFISD Superintendent Dr. Donny Lee said. “The problem arose because we looked at the max capacity as we showed some of those slides, and we were worried that if we stuck with the two middle schools, that when we opened the doors there’d be too many kids in Hirschi.”

Originally Hirschi and Rider were to be converted to middle schools to join Barwise, but the possibility of overcrowding, caused the middle school Ad Hoc Committee to turn their attention to Old High.

“Generally speaking those kids would have a better educational opportunity with spaces at those campuses because they’ve already got football fields and weight rooms,” Lee said.

The century-old campus could still serve students, but Old High would still need some upgrades.

“We’re talking in the tunes of $3 to $4 to $5 million for roofing and air conditioning, repairing gas lines, sewer lines water lines all of those things would need to be repaired,” Dr. Lee said.

Choosing whether or not to use the three campuses or just use the two campuses and possible portable buildings remains a topic for the board to take up and possibly take action on at a future meeting.

“We can make that plan to the board in the July board meeting but we didn’t want to rush it across and people feel like we weren’t transparent and open on what it entails,” Dr. Lee said.

When the date of the July board meeting is released, Texoma’s Homepage will have all the information.