WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls ISD Board of Trustees has picked the names for the two new high schools.

Wichita Falls Legacy High School (east) and Wichita Falls Memorial High School (west) are the names for the east and west locations of the new high schools.

Since the names have been picked, the board can move forward with getting these new schools built.

“I agree they’ve got to be new names. I think that’s what we sold when we were out pushing for the bond,” WFISD Board of Trustees Member Bob Payton said.

“I think it’s good that the community has at the risk of hurting some feelings, moved past our former names. And, I feel that step is a big one,” WFISD Board of Trustees Member Dale Harvey said.

Board members say these were the names that they heard the most when discussing it with people.

Elizabeth Yeager says the names serve as a way to honor the four high schools that have been in Wichita Falls so that those traditions won’t die off.

“It’s really important that we honor and value those history and traditions as we move forward into brand new buildings and they need brand new names. And I think the names Memorial and Legacy give us a really easy way to do that,” Yeager said.

Now that names are out the way, officials say the next step is to bid out subcontract work for the high schools and then decide mascots and colors. They want to complete those tasks before drawing lines for the high schools as well as the elementary and middle schools.

“We do have population shifts in our community. People moving from the east to the southwest.
And new growth that’s happening on the west side of the district and the southwest side of the district and far south side. So all that’s gonna come into play for the next month or two,” WFISD Superintendent Mike Kurht said.

New growth and a bright future ahead as WFISD hits another checkpoint in the journey to new high schools.

Officials say architects would like to have mascots and colors selected by October 1.