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It’s that time of year again, elementary, junior high and high school students are gearing up for STAAR testing.

WFISD Associate Superintendent, Peter Griffiths told us, “I don’t want to stress kids about STAAR testing. We don’t want parents to stress about the test.” 

Since there’s a lot at stake with the exams, parents also say they try to do all they can to alleviate the added the pressure.

Mother of two girls, Heather Miller said, “I know how stressful the STAAR test can be for students, I try not to focus on the test when it comes time for the test, we just try to encourage her to do her best every day and the STAAR test is just another day for her as far as we’re concerned.” 

With a fifth and first grader, she said they always stick to the same routine in her household. “When they come home, we do homework, we read daily, I read with them daily and we’ve done that since they were babies and that just really helps them and their education as well.” 

School officials told us there’s more on their end than just preparing students to take the tests.

Griffiths said, “Our focus has been this year to focus on two things, the student’s passing the test and students growing.”

Lamar Elementary Principal, Amanda Garcia added, “We have student support teams on a monthly basis, and we bring our data and analyze our data very thoroughly to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students where they currently are.” 

She said that it’s paying off at Lamar. “We have improved in the areas of math and reading and so some of the areas that we continue to focus on are writing and as well as fifth-grade science.” 

As district officials work to ensure their students achieve the best scores possible, they are also on a mission to help students understand that testing days are just like any other day throughout the year. 

You can test your knowledge by clicking. It has some of the toughest questions on the STAAR test from last year!

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