WFISD officials warn of THC on campus

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Wichita Falls Independent School District officials warn of the use of THC on school property with vaping becoming more and more popular with students across the country.

WFISD administrators have released a statement warning students possessing THC concentrate in a drug-free zone like a school is a felony three crime. If students are caught with THC concentrate, the consequence is a one-year expulsion to Wichita County JJAEP.

Rider senior Katherine Coyle said she agrees with the punishment. 

“If you commit a felony, anyone that commits any felony they should definitely be expelled from school for a long period of time,” Coyle said. I agree with that 100 percent.”

Smoking E-Cigarettes have also become increasingly popular among teens, and Coyle said she’s seen a rise in vaping at her school.

“My freshmen year I didn’t know anybody that vaped, but as of last year and this year, I would say probably like 80 percent of the people I know use a Juul or something like that,” Coyle said.

WFISD Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said within the last couple of years, school district officials have seen an increase in THC on campus. He said he believes the popularity of vaping could be the cause. 

“You should never vape, smoke anything like that especially on campus but you shouldn’t do it regardless it’s unhealthy,” Kuhrt said. “But it’s also dangerous because of the levels of THC that can be in there.”

Kuhrt said he feels another reason for the rise in THC issues on campus is because students are not educated on the laws.

“It’s on the same spectrum as methamphetamines as opioids and things like that,” Kuhrt said. “It is an illegal drug to possess and if you are possessing it or are under the influence of it there are discipline and legal consequences.” 

District officials hope with this warning, the number of THC related incidents will start to decrease. 

On Tuesday, the Texas State Senate passed Senate Bill 21 which would raise the legal age to smoke or use tobacco products from 18- to 21-years-old.

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